Welcome to Michelle Schwarz Academy

Heart + Mind + Body + Spirit
Coherence for Holistic Living

Michelle Schwarz Academy is led by Rev. Michelle A. Schwarz, an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner, and offers coaching, workshops, energy healing, divination, online courses, and eBooks for the Heart + Mind + Body + Spirit coherence to elicit one's Higher Self.

Our mission is to serve people who are seeking an integrative approach to living by coaching, empowering, and teaching to self-regulate and self-care so that they can act in their best interests, sustain energy, and live their life purpose.

We believe that each human being has within the Divine from God, the Source of all. Each one has the ability and capacity to reach his or her highest potential and it begins by knowing one's purpose. We aim to guide one's journey to self-discovery, self-love, and self-growth.

Our teaching philosophy is aligned with Self-determination theory which posits that everyone is capable of meeting their needs to be competent, making the right choices, and managing their affairs.

For people to believe they can achieve their goals, they need to feel in control, gain mastery of their tasks, learn different skills, and be able to relate to other people. As a school, we give our students an environment where they feel supported for their growth and success.

"What you seek is seeking you."

13th century poet

"Live Your Truth."
-Rev. Michelle A. Schwarz

Welcome to
Michelle Schwarz Academy!
It is a sacred space for growth,
energy healing, and manifesting.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher,
I daily abide by the
Five Reiki Priniciples:

    Just for today,
I will be at ease.
Just for today,
I will love.    
Just for today,
I will do my work honestly.      
Just for today,
I will give thanks for my many blessings.    
Just for today,
I will be kind to every living thing.

 I have to give a shout-out to Michelle Schwarz Academy.  I am working on a course, and of all the courses I have taken and I’m still taking, this one is really great!  Work at your own pace.  The layout is easy to navigate, and the course material is top notch.  It not only has pdf's but a video of the same info!  For me who has a learning disability, this is great!  Enjoying the course and would recommend you all check it out!

Dr. Rev. Joy Maestas
Author & Officiant,
Universal Light Ministry

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