Words of Wisdom

It is not the circumstances that limit us, but the reactions of our mind to conditions that dominate our thinking.

The limitations that we put on ourselves only exist at the intellectual level. This is due to self-criticism and the poor self-image that we place on ourselves. 

If we transcend our intellectual thoughts and dig through God's presence within us, we can truly remove the limiting darkness of the human mind.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the attitude that you carry with you stimulates a response both outwardly and inwardly. Having a positive attitude is more than just repeating affirmations. It is having an inner understanding that your soul is eternal and is part of the Oneness of the Universe. As what you think in your heart, you become.  

When you catch yourself having a negative attitude, be aware that it is your personal ego filling you up with turmoil and frustration. If you let your ego continue to dominate your thinking, it will sap your strength and wellness. A negative attitude can damage you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, financially, and physically.  

To change this pattern, know the true reality that you are part of the infinite power, wisdom, and presence of God. Believe that you can transcend your circumstances because in spite of every difficulty, your Higher Self will show you the way. There are spiritual laws that are constantly working in your favor. Go deep into meditation to find your inner peace and be directed by the light that is within you.